Return & Refund Policy

In order to return a product, and to get refunded, a customer has to ensure that he/she return the product to the direct seller from whom he/she purchased it. Customers can get a refund from the respective direct seller. The following conditions are applicable to the customer to get a refund.

  • The customer must submit the original customer receipt along with the product that is to be returned.
  • The customer should return the product within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • The customer must not have consumed more than 30% of the product that is to be returned.
  • Handling charges of Rs. 100/- per unit of product and GST shall be deducted except in the case of a manufacturing defect.
  • The customer must send an e-Mail to the direct seller marking a CC to stating that he/she will not claim for any product returns in the future if he/she purchases IndusViva’s products again

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