Controlling Diabetes


Coffee has been synonymous with thought and memory for centuries. Under the influence of coffee, man becomes more and more of a dreamer and thinker. As he sips his coffee, a jumble of memories flashes through his mind, causing a surge of energy. Apart from refreshing your mind and igniting your thought process, coffee has been proved to be an amazing health drink for controlling diabetes.

Surprisingly, coffee is the world’s most expensive liquid commodity after petroleum products. On one hand, the economic competition continues, while on the other, the study of the object also takes place naturally. One such study found that daily coffee drinkers have an 11% lower risk of developing diabetes (Reference: Healthline). Coffee fights Type 1 diabetes by stimulating the beta cells that produce insulin more regularly. It also manages Type 2 diabetes, enabling the body to utilise the sugar properly through insulin produced by the pancreas.

i-coffee - black

IndusViva came up with the concept of iCoffee which manages diabetes more effectively. What differentiates iCoffee from other coffees is that it is produced from premium quality roasted coffee beans from Coorg (in decaffeinated form); its key ingredients are Salcital (extract from Salacia) and Velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens) which are mentioned in Ayurvedic texts as helpful for sugar control. That is why iCoffee is more effective and beneficial than other coffees.

We are all used to changing our habits with passion. Even those who are accustomed to coffee can start having iCoffee without compromising on the authentic flavour. The reason is that iCoffee brings to you the real taste and aroma of coffee. The intake of iCoffee avoids a sharp increase in the normal sugar levels of diabetic patients and that is one of the key reasons for recommending it as the best choice for controlling diabetes.

To live is not to die, but to advance in intellect, thought and nature. As someone once said, “A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it.”

Coffee is bestselling beverage in the world. Studies observe that people who drink coffee have a 23–50% lower risk of getting this disease. One study showed a reduction as high as 67%. Along with maintaining blood glucose level, iCoffee helps in weight management by increasing your feeling of fullness.

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