Blood Sugar Management

Managing blood sugar, easier than ever

According to Healthline (, China is leading in diabetes followed by India and USA.  

Population Prevalence of Diabetes
China 1.29 Billion 11.2 Percent
India 1.33 Billion 11.2 Percent in urban areas
United States 3.22 Billion 10.5 Percent

As scary and disappointing as it is to see our Motherland moving towards a traumatic stage, why not take some time out to find out the reason and remedy for the diabetes disaster?

Lifestyle plays a major role in keeping you healthy. With the onset of practicing westernized culture in India, the well-being of the nation has come under the radar. Refined carbs, canned and processed foods, and a lack of physical activities are making people more prone to diseases.

Blood sugar is a silent killer! Let’s have a look at the harm it can cause and control it before it starts controlling you.

The condition of having high blood sugar is known as hyperglycaemia. It starts developing when there is a lack of insulin or when the body becomes less sensitive to insulin. There are some symptoms of hyperglycaemia like dry mouth, increased thirst, hazy vision, weakness and so on. If you are experiencing any of these, it’s high time to seek expert advice. Otherwise, you might end up losing your vision permanently or having kidney failure or damaging your nerves.

Increased blood glucose is a threat and similarly low blood sugar is not a good thing either. With a loss in blood glucose, you might experience seizures, have difficulty in concentrating and become paranoid. Therefore, there needs to be an equilibrium in your blood sugar level.

And, who does it better than Viva iCoffee? Blood sugar management is the expertise of this healthy brew sourced from the Coorg coffee beans of Karnataka. Sipping iCoffee on a daily basis can help you get a grip on diabetes. Enriched with renowned Ayurvedic ingredients like Salcital (Salacia reticulata) and velvet beans, this can be your go-to beverage.

Have a great iCoffee day!  😊

Coffee is bestselling beverage in the world. Studies observe that people who drink coffee have a 23–50% lower risk of getting this disease. One study showed a reduction as high as 67%. Along with maintaining blood glucose level, iCoffee helps in weight management by increasing your feeling of fullness.

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